Jace Rivera

Production Control, Quality Engineering & Education

Growing up with cannabis around it didn’t take long for Jace to develop a passion for the plant.

Cannabis has been in his family since the 1920’s. His Great Grandfather Eli grew cannabis in the ditches of Utah to support our family through the prohibition.

Professional Experience

Jace’s professional experience has taken him across the globe supporting some of the most advanced weapon systems to date. His primary focus for the last 17 years have been in Production Control, Quality Engineering and all levels of training support.

Cultivation Experience

A strong 12 years of cannabis cultivation experience mostly using living soil and organic inputs. 6+ years of Natural farming experience using IMO,FFA, FPE,FFE,OHN nutrients. Development of nutrient and feed schedules using natural farming principals, while including no till growing methods. Able to perform accurate root cause analysis to diagnose many pest and disease issues and control/prevent further impact

Primary Caregiver

Specialized in children care, providing naturally cultivated cannabis/ products focusing on non-common methods of ingestion to avoid the psychoactive properties while providing all of the medicinal values of cannabis.

  • Demonstrated Skills and Abilities
  • Korean Natural Farming (KNF)
  • JADAM Organic Farming
  • Fermentation Artist
  • Bokashi Composting
  • Vermi Composting
  • Root Cause Corrective Action Investigator
  • Pest and Disease Identification
  • State Compliant Pest Management