With the legalization of medical marijuana in Oklahoma, cannabis businesses are opening on every corner. Everyone wants to capitalize on this new, growing industry; however, many are not familiar with compliance laws that will eventually make their way to Oklahoma.

Companies new to the cannabis industry need to seek out consultants to understand compliance and what is on the horizon with Oklahoma laws. Here are four things every cannabis company should consider before they launch their business:

Know your grow team. I encourage local dispensaries to vet out their growers to make sure they aren’t using pesticides and fungicides on their products. Not all products are created equally.

When you have a medical condition like cancer, the last thing you want to do is treat your illness with cannabis that has been sprayed with harmful chemicals. With Oklahoma’s fluctuating weather, pests will become a real problem come spring.

Growers will not know how to get rid of them and instead of losing thousands of dollars in product, they will default to using harmful pesticides unless they are educated on alternative treatments. Reaching out to grow experts will be essential for their first year harvesting cannabis to grow the most organic cannabis possible.

Understand product genetics. Many people will start to copy products and knockoffs will hit the market. Ask about certified genetics. Know what you are selling/purchasing and look for certified genetics seals that give proof to what is in the products.

Educate your staff. With medical marijuana being new to Oklahoma, thousands of patients are obtaining their medical card, but they have no idea what product is best for their ailment. Dispensaries need to educate the patients on the best products for them by showing them proven facts and real case studies to back up the product and let the patient make an educated decision on what is right for them.

Seek out a consultant. A consultant can make sure you are in compliance with local laws. Laws came into place in Colorado after the growers and dispensaries were already in business. This is happening in Oklahoma, as well.

Compliance is coming, so we encourage businesses to start in compliance now to save them time and money later.

Jace Rivera of Living Soil Solutions Consulting Co. at Green Prairie Farms has 12 years of cannabis cultivation experience.

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