Bryan Wachsman

Living Soil Cannabis Cultivation Specialist

A respected and passionate Living Soil Cannabis Cultivation Specialist and Educator in Denver, CO.

While his interest in cannabis started in Atlanta, Georgia it peaked in Colorado more than 10 years ago. His first official position in cultivation was as an Assistant Head Cultivator where he became aware of unconventional and inefficient cultivation practices being used in the new and booming multi-billion-dollar cannabis industry.

He began to seek out organic cultivation practices as to provide clean medicine to patients and connoisseurs alike. This exploration led him to living soil and the concept that cultivators should feed the soil and not the plant. After experimenting and studying this philosophy he found his true calling as an educator. He began to teach eager minds about the symbiotic relationships between soil and plants through classes, social media and speaking at expos and symposiums alike.

Bryan is fully committed to the betterment of the cannabis industry and the healing properties that cannabis holds. He soon after received the honor of holding a position as Director of Communication with Denver Norml. This allowed him to be an influencer not only as an educator but also as an advocate for cannabis community with the government.

He currently holds the Director of Education position with Denver Norml and continues to be a voice we all can trust in Washington and here at the local level. We are excited to have such a passionate advocate in the industry!

Major Public Speaking Engagements For 2018:  United States Cannabis Conference & Expo | Canna Grow Expo | Indo Expo Show | Adam Dunn Show | Shaping Fire Featuring Shango Los | Herban Expo