Tulsa Area Farm Aims To Be The Standard For Medical Marijuana

Tulsa Area Farm Aims To Be The Standard For Medical Marijuana

TULSA, Oklahoma – A new way of growing medical cannabis is making its way to Tulsa. Green Prairie Farms says instead of using chemicals, they’re using living soil to grow what they say is the highest quality medical cannabis in the state.

Bryan Wachsman says Green Prairie Farms is truly the first of its kind in Oklahoma.

“We are the only one in Oklahoma growing with a living soil system at this time. So, we are very unique in the fact that we are choosing to grow high-end cannabis,” said Wachsman.

With medical marijuana freshly legalized, Wachsman says there’s no law in place to regulate the product yet.

“It’s kind of up to the cultivator himself or herself to morally grow the cannabis in a medicinal manner,” said Wachsman.

He says Green Prairie Farms is growing fully organic, pesticide-free “craft” cannabis.

“Really, the secret sauce is what I have here today,” said Wachsman. “We’re using worms, we’re using white springtail mites, we’re using the whole soil food web.”

Wachsman says they’re truly allowing Mother Nature to grow the plant.

“Instead of the farmer trying to pretend that we know what’s best for the cannabis plant, we just allow Mother Nature to take hold,” he said

Those interested will have to wait six months for the plant not only to grow, but to be tested, and “cured” correctly which Wachsman says will make the medicine taste better.

“We take pride in the lost art of curing the cannabis in the correct manner, so we don’t rush the cure,” said Wachsman.

He says you’ll be able to find their products at a good price at dispensaries across the state, but he reminds buyers that cheaper doesn’t always mean better.

“We pride ourselves on not being the cheapest guys in town because we’re going out of our way to provide the best medicine possible,” said Wachsman.